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Basically, I am a journalist, but it so happened to do a lot of things, including to work for 6 years as a cabin attendant for Tarom, Romanian Airlines. I have worked in the media industry for more than 20 years. I became extremely fluent in Macintosh platform and Adobe specific apps: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. And so, I dare to call myself a magazine and newspaper expert. :)

    In am also a contributor for micro-stock photography websites: dreamstime, shutterstock and istock

So, what started as a hobby turned really quick into a full time occupation. And a pleasant one indeed. I have thousands of approved photos, and the numbers keep adding :)

   I have two kids, a boy an a girl, I'm an Apple and Olympus fan (now OM System), a declared workaholic and a  travel enthusiast. 

  And, oh, the photo is not altered  in Photoshop :)

Thank you for your message!

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