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I have started my career with magazines and I have worked for a great variety of magazine types and formats over the years. Below you find some of my projects, both past and current. You can find complete issues by clicking HERE

Colortape magazine

A magazine for an independent Australian film festival.

Khaleej Madame

This is a glossy lifestyle women magazine for the French community in United Arab Emirates.

County Parents

A monthly parenting magazine I did for a US based customer

"W1" magazine

This is a monthly magazine I did for a UK London customer.

DSI catalog

This is a a yearly catalog for a US based customer.

"Mall Inclusive" magazine

The "Mall Inclusive" magazine was the in-house magazine for the Anchor Group, a company operating two shopping malls in Romania. I have made the initial graphic concept, layout and prepress for 3 issues.

"Semnele timpului"

One of my permanent projects (for more than 10 years) is the layout and the prepress for the “Semnele Timpului” magazine, a Romanian christian opinion and analysis magazine of which existence I didn’t even suspected before actually worked at it. More surprised I was when I found out that it is more than 100 years old. Once in a while, “Semnele Timpului” magazine publishes special issues, with an increased number of pages and a special graphic. Below there are few pages from both regular and special issues.

"Story" magazine

"Story" was an international franchise celebrity magazine. I held the Art Director for the "Story" Romania magazine. Here are a few layouts.

"Beau Monde" magazine

"Beau Monde" is a Romanian women and lifestyle magazine. Few layouts done by me for this magazine.

"Time Out" magazine

"Time Out" is an international franchise of cultural and lifestyle magazines dedicated to a city. I have worked for about a year at the Bucharest edition. Here you have few layouts.

"Olivia"/ "Familia Mea" magazines

I have worked 4 years for the "Olivia" magazine, out of the 6 years spent at Edipresse Romania. "Olivia" was later replaced by "Familia Mea" for which I made also the local tourism page (text and photos) for about 2 years.

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