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Newspapers are a "later love" but it turned out to be my current main activity with two weekly newspapers and two monthly ones as regular projects.

Below you find some of my projects, both past and current. 

You can find complete issues by clicking HERE

Cashmere Valley Record

A weekly community newspaper from the town of Cashmere, Washington, USA

STL Spotlight

A monthly community paper for an US based customer.

Bungendore Mirror

A small Australian weekly newspaper I have worked for 5 years until October 2015.

Whitecourt Press

This is a weekly Canadian newspaper from the city of Whitecourt, Alberta. For this project I am also doing the ads. 

Okanagan Press

This is a bi-monthly Canadian newspaper from the same publisher of Whitecourt Press. For this project I am also doing the ads. 

The Bay Observer

A monthly Canadian newspaper from the city of Hamilton, Ontario. I have started making this newspaper since July 2013. For this project I am also doing the ads. 

Mackay Telegraph

A project that started from one of my newspaper templates became the biggest project in scale I did so far. There were three +90 pages weekly Australian newspapers located in the Mackay and Queensland areas. I have coordinated a team of 6 designers (myself included) for about a year.

Rainbow Beach Community News

This is a weekly community newspaper from Australia for which I did 4 complete issues.


I have worked for almost two years for the Romanian newspaper "Cotidianul". This newspaper issued several supplements, one of these being a real estate one called "Rezidential"

"Cotidianul" supplements

Three supplements of the Romanian newspaper "Cotidianul":

• "Economic"

• "Media"

• "Casa & Teren"

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