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Newspapers are a "later love" but it turned out to be my current main activity with four weekly newspapers and two monthly ones as regular projects. Below you find some of my projects, both past and current. Click on each image to see a detailed view.

Wenatchee Business Journal

Monthly newspaper Washington USA

Cashmere Valley Record

Weekly newspaper Washington USA

Leavenworth Echo

Weekly newspaper Washington USA

The Redwater Review

Weekly newspaper, Alberta, Canada

La Voz Latina

Monthly newspaper, Pennsylvania, USA

The Press

Weekly newspaper in Whitecourt Alberta, Canada

Rainbow Beach
Community News

Weekly newspaper, Queensland, Australia

The Bay Observer

Saint Louis Spotlight

Monthly newspaper, Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Monthly newspaper of the Afro American community, Saint Louis, USA

The Bungendore Mirror

Weekly newspaper, Canberra area, Australia

Cotidianul Rezidențial

Weekly supplement of the Cotidianul daily newspaper, Romania

West Prince Graphic

Weekly newspaper from Prince Edward island, Canada

Cotidianul supplements

Weekly supplements of the Cotidianul daily newspaper, Romania

Mackay Telegraph

Weekly newspaper from the city of Mackay, Queensland, Australia

El Centro

Bi-weekly newspaper of the Spanish community in Toronto, Canada

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